The Martian by Andy Weir Full Audiobook W/Visual Imagery and Full Cast.

17 Aug 2021

The Martian by Andy Weir
This is a living room project.
None of us have ever done anything like this and we did not begin this project to compete with professionals. We did it for fun.
We learned as we went, but we are proud of what we made over a year.
Thanks for listening! We truly hope you enjoy!

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This is the whole story, every chapter!
Mark Watney has been stranded on Mars! The world and his crew think that he is dead. Luckily he survived, and is pretty handy at finding solutions to problems as they arise. And boy, do they arise! Mark has to find a way to be rescued and live long enough to be picked up. All the while surviving the worst part, Disco music. He's gonna have to Science the Shit out of this!
This book is castaway in space, truly great sci-fi.

Narrated by Matthew Sedgwick


Mark Watney
Dr. Venkat Kapoor
Bruce Ng
Marcus Washington
Dr. Irene Shields
Lab Technician
Jill Holbrook
Marty West
Dr. Alex Vogel
Random Technicians
Maurice Stein
Random Reporters
NASA Launch Team
Brendan Hutch
Gao Ming
Zhu Tao
Robert Lewis
Su Bin Bao
Randall Carter
Timekeeper - Matthew Sedgwick

Mindy Park
Annie Montrose
Cathy Warner
Cmdr. Melissa Lewis
Beth Johanssen
Countdown Timer
Amy Beck
Marissa Martinez
Helena Vogel - Makyla Meyer

Tim the Tech
Rick Martinez
Norm Toshi
Dr. Keller
Mike - Ruvim A.

Teddy Sanders
Dr. Christopher Beck
Rich Purnell
Johanssen’s Father - Chris Carter

Chuck the Tech
Bryan Hess of NBC
Mitch Henderson - Mitch McCulley

Jack Trevor - Ryan Woodyard

Diet Coke Lady - Kaitlyn Baker

Chapter 1 00:00:00
Chapter 2 00:11:45
Chapter 3 00:29:14
Chapter 4 00:44:15
Chapter 5 00:57:51
Chapter 6 01:14:13
Chapter 7 01:38:01
Chapter 8 02:02:31
Chapter 9 02:25:01
Chapter 10 02:40:47
Chapter 11 02:54:15
Chapter 12 03:22:07
Chapter 13 03:44:17
Chapter 14 04:02:25
Chapter 15 04:25:12
Chapter 16 04:57:11
Chapter 17 05:35:53
Chapter 18 05:56:50
Chapter 19 06:20:28
Chapter 20 06:41:56
Chapter 21 07:02:57
Chapter 22 07:29:34
Chapter 23 07:50:38
Chapter 24 08:12:24
Chapter 25 08:35:20
Chapter 26 09:03:13

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